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February 9, 2010

Lent is fast approachingLent Ash Cross and Transmission has it covered. See below for our current plans for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

Wed Feb 17: host-Caleb, cook-Caleb, ritual-Katie. This Ash Wednesday, we will be making ashy soap for use throughout Lent. See our post from last year for more details.
Sat Feb 27: Planning meeting at Caleb”s house

Wed Mar 3: host-Mabel, cook-Katie, ritual-Johannes
Wed Mar 17: host-Elaine, cook-Dan, ritual-Isaac. We will be blessing Elaine”s new home and celebrating St. Patrick”s Day.
Wed Mar 24: Planning meeting at Johannes”s home
Wed Mar 31: Planning meeting at Dan”s home

Holy Week
Sun Mar 28:
Interfaith Seder at Church of St. Francis Xavier, Mary Chapel. If you are interested in attending, you must RSVP by Wed, March 24. Please contact us for more information.
???? ? ???????Fri Apr 2: Stations of the Cross around NYC?
Sat Apr 3 – Sun Apr 4: Easter Vigil? We had a very successful vigil last year, and we are searching for a space for our Easter ritual redux. We have also discussed doing a hike, heading up-state, or traveling to a

church in New Jersey.

Wed Apr 7: game and movie night, host-Mabel, cook-local pizza place
Wed Apr 21: host-Johannes, cook-Isaac, ritual-Sarah

If you would like to come to any of these events, get on our mailing list by clicking on the Contact link. We hope to see you soon!

On Friday night, seven brave warriors from the Transmission church ventured far from the safety of New York City to the wild woods of Marlboro, NJ, otherwise known as “Spaciousville.” Staying with the lovely Godbehere family, (how can a believer go wrong staying with Godbeheres?) we seven entered a state of grace, joy, theological debate, sports, hiking and madcap tomfoolery that lasted long into Saturday morning until our departure Sunday back to the relatively mild environs of New York City.

The warriors: Ula, Johannes, Isaac, Sarah, Paul, Mabel, and me.
Highlights from the trip: Friday night ritual at First Presbyterian Church of Matawan. We explored the different uses of the church space, the narthex and entryway, the nave, chancel and sanctuary, all spaces for different ingredients of worship. We rocked to some music around the piano, and shared a holy communion of a more blue collar style, cranberry juice and Stroehmann”s Multi-Grain bread. (Photos to come.)

2.Holmdel Park On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, this place seemed like heaven. Between the arboretum, the open fields, the ponds, hills, trails and farm animals, I felt the presence of God. As well as of the family. Who are always welcome.

In all seriousness, though, this was a wonderfully organized retreat thanks to everyone”s contributions. I know we say we”re a leaderless group, but Isaac and Sarah really stepped up to the plate in coordinating our work together. Our reflections on 1 Thessalonians, on the opening praise and closing appeal of Paul to the Church at Thessalonica, made for stirring discussions. We talked about our anger about the tragedy in Haiti and God”s perceived inaction, and the readings led to a great closing ritual for us on Saturday night.

We each stepped up to the pulpit and delivered what we were grateful for in Transmission, and what we would appeal to each other to do to strengthen and maintain our community. Then we praised God for each member of the group and what they have brought to us as part of our church. Sarah”s quiet steadiness. Isaac”s love and honesty. Johannes” joyful curiosity. Paul”s outspokenness. My anger and determination. Ula”s fearlessness. We thanked God for the gift of each other and went home grateful partners in faith.

Finally, on Sunday morning, we led the Children”s Chat at First Presbyterian Church, the talk with the kids, mostly under 10 years old. The scripture reading was Jesus” miracle at the Wedding in Cana, where he turned water into wine. We re-enacted the miracle for the kids by giving them water and pouring in instant Crystal Light packets turning it rapidly into a dark pink lemonade. Then we told them that God in their lives could be just like that powder, turning what seems ordinary into something precious. I think the kids got the idea, although some said the Crystal Light lacked flavor. Hey, we ain”t Jesus, li”l guys. So drink it and LIKE it!

Our next meeting is this Wednesday at Johannes” house for dinner and a movie night. I”m not sure how theological or completely ridiculous the film will be: however, if you come, you will have a vote! Call Johannes if you have any questions, and see you then.

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