It”s that time again! We welcome back Bowie who is freshly arrived from her recent wedding/vacation/pilgrimage to India. She”ll be celebrating her return to Transmission by leading us in our ritual, and she had this to say about it:

the ritual will be planned around St. Thomas, who brought Christianity to India in 52 AD. George and I visited the place where he landed and the Pontifical Shrine and hospital that have been built there. We will also talk about the two main stories about Thomas in the Gospel of John – 14:5-6 and 20:24-29 (the story that got him dubbed “Doubting Thomas”). I like the idea of “doubting, yet doing” and of “not knowing the way”…

Transmission will be Wednesday, 7pm, at Bowie”s place. If you get lost, feel free to call me. I”ll be cooking.

We”ll also have four pieces of business to discuss:

  • Our beloved Katherine has moved to Chicago to be with her family, which means that we need someone else to step up and replace her as co-facilitator. I think it”s really important to have two people putting Transmission in the front of their brainspace, not only because it”s a lot of work but also because a community shouldn”t become centralized around one person.
  • Starlight Ministries, another church-ish group that has a peculiar calling to sex worker ministry, wants to sponsor a program with us this summer called Exotic Dancer, MBA, which basically gives basic business and personal finance education to people in the sex industry. It”s very important work, and I think it”s exactly the sort of thing we should be involved with. You can read about it here:
  • Mabel and Paul want to organize a trip to the Creation museum in Kentucky in August, which I think could be a great time. Note that this is *not* an endorsement of creationism…
  • We”re meeting this Tuesday, 2pm with Intercession to discuss the possibility of inhabiting their currently vacant rectory, which would be a big move for Transmission. Anyway who wants to come and meet them, see the space, and be a part of

    our initial conversation should totally come, just let me know.

  1. 3 Responses to “Transmission this week! and lots of news!”

  2. I love that you called my calling “peculiar.” And that you called it church-ish. That cracks me up!

    By LiaStarLight on May 23, 2008

  3. well, in fairness, I also implied that we share the same peculiar calling! The number of religious people who have a passion for sex worker advocacy is surprisingly low, considering how much time Jesus spent chilling with them…

    By Isaac on May 29, 2008

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