quitting smoking for lent

February 24, 2007

By Bowie Snodgrass

Dear God,
I'm gonna miss smoking
So much. Reaching in
The box. Pulling in air.

A last cigarette before bed
To gather my thoughts,
A break between rounds
Of work or play,
Often accompanied by company…
We smokers find each other.

And stick together,
Till someone quits.

I'm going to miss the little high
The little calm, the little heat,
The breaths of fresh air, stepping out,
To fill up my lungs with smoke.

It might sound quite gross,
And we all know it's bad.
It stinks, it kills, it annoys,
And, by golly, shouldn't we all
Want to live forever, if we can?

OK. I'm getting carried away.
It's bad, I know, I know.

But, God,
I'm going to miss smoking.
So please send some other
Daily little pleasures my way.

* I wrote this in August 2005, the last time I quit smoking. Well, I'm quitting again. I started on Ash Wednesday. Now gotta get through Lent… and then the rest of my life. Pray for me.
* Many blessings for all of you and what ever you are giving up – or taking on – in your lenten journey. Please share what you are doing for Lent below…

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  1. 2 Responses to “quitting smoking for lent”

  2. Well, I’ll be praying for you. Would you like Transmission to lay hands on your newly smoke-free self or annoint you with healing oil? It sounds silly but ritual healing actions can be incredibly powerful and sustaining.

    By Isaac on Feb 24, 2007

  3. I quit smoking for Lent this year, too. I love the poem. It’s so true!

    By Steph on Mar 14, 2011

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